Cassius and Associates Psychological Services is a highly recognized professional group, unique in its ability to meet the community's Mental Health needs using individual and group psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.


Founded by Memphis' widely acclaimed psychologist, the late Joseph Cassius, Ph.D., Cassius and Associates has enjoyed a rich history in Memphis.  Over the years it has evolved from Joseph Cassius, Private Practitioner, to T. A. South Associates, later becoming The Center for Group and Family Psychotherapy and now it is known as Cassius and Associates Psychological Services, reflecting a continuous effort to unify and find balance in all aspects of people's lives.  We recognize the need to understand our clients on a psychological, spiritual, and social basis and how each client is unique based on their biological and environmental backgrounds.


The clinicians are licensed, supervised, trained and experienced professionals who are committed to service and excellence.  They integrate their roles as professionals to help clients learn how to understand and appreciate their own individuality.



Please Call (901)685-5491 for Questions, Concerns or Appointments. 

Most Insurance Accepted.